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by David Rhodes

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Available Mid May, 2013

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books Driftless and Jewelweed


Praise for Jewelweed:

"A benevolent sort of rural American magical realism.... profound."
—Publishers Weekly

"Rhodes continues one of the great literary comebacks of all time, with this story of a parolee trying to adjust to living on the ragged edge along with the people he meets."
—thirty-two magazine

“Folks in a small town from ex-prisoner to preacher, outcast boys to the very old, try to get by facing what seem to them to be the imperfections of their character while pursuing their longing for connection to community—community of others and community with themselves. Rhodes masterfully paints their many layered complexity in language so vivid and kind, it nearly renders the reader breathless. This is a damn fine novel—one of the best kinds—where ordinary people living ordinary lives are drawn by the deft & lyrical touch of the author in such an achingly rich way, one quietly marvels. When you read a novel like this where you dearly wish to move in with the characters, they have already moved in with you.”
—Sheryl Cotleur, Copperfield's Books, Sebastopol, CA

“With an honest and understated style, Jewelweed explores relationships at their deepest levels. Rhodes describes the natural world and his characters' inner lives with equal passion, creating an ensemble as natural to its landscape as the trees. The motivations that drive his characters to cross paths are true ones, and the mysteries that cry out for resolution are tangible and urgent. Jewelweed is a remarkable piece of storytelling, soul-felt and deeply moving.”
—Mark LaFramboise, Politics & Prose, Washington, DC

"From philosophical prison inmates to childhood-haunted truckers, Rhodes's melange of characters feels so real, you'd swear you lived among them."
—Emily Crowe, Odyssey Bookshop, South Hadley, MA

“With Jewelweed, David Rhodes has once more produced a moving, deeply thoughtful novel, of poor people doing difficult things often against their best interests in a little town in the upper Midwest. He is the same writer, maybe better, as the author of Driftless. A lovely book.“
—Paul Ingram, Prairie Lights, Iowa City, IA

"David Rhodes takes seemingly mundane events, and makes them magic. The glimpses into the everyday made spectacular through his telling, and his ability to let you see the world through another set of eyes. He truly gets you into his characters, and leaves you feeling like you've got a new set of friends looking out for you. Jewelweed has been my first foray into his writing, but will certainly not be my last."
—Jack Hannert, Brilliant Books, Traverse City, MI

"In Jewelweed, David Rhodes tells a fine, thoughtful story with rich and marvelous language."
—Jill Webb, The Cottage Book Shop, Glen Arbor, MI

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